Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Backlog

Here's the meat of it all: the backlog itself. I'll clean this up, add to and organize it over the next few days or so. As I clear the backlog, I'll strike through the entries and post a little mini-review for each one I clean out. The items have the date added after the names in parentheses.

PC Games:
Alpha Centauri* (12/2/2009)
Beyond Divinity (12/2/2009)
Braid (12/26/2009) Special Circumstances Addition
Company of Heroes (12/2/2009)
Drakensang: The Dark Eye (12/2/2009)
Dwarf Fortress* (12/2/2009)
Fallout Tactics (12/2/2009)
F.E.A.R. (12/2/2009)
Gears of War (12/2/2009)
Jade Empire (12/2/2009)
Jagged Alliance 2 (12/2/2009) Cleared 2/23/2010
Mass Effect 2 (1/26/2010) Cleared 1/30/2010
Mirror's Edge (12/2/2009)
Oni (12/2/2009)
Prey (12/2/2009) Cleared 1/14/2010
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (12/2/2009)
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (12/2/2009)
Red Faction: Guerilla (12/26/2009) Special Circumstances Addition
Silent Storm (12/2/2009)
Silent Storm: Sentinels (12/2/2009)
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (12/2/2009)
STALKER: Clear Sky (12/2/2009)
Supreme Commander (12/2/2009)
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (12/2/2009)
Torchlight (12/25/2009) Cleared 1/6/2010
UFO: Aftershock (12/2/2009)
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (12/2/2009)
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (12/2/2009)
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos: Battle March (12/2/2009)
The Witcher (12/2/2009)
World of Goo (12/2/2009)
X-Com: UFO Defense (12/2/2009)
X-Com: Terror from the Deep (12/2/2009)
X-Com: Apocalypse (12/2/2009)

Books (Fiction)
1984 (12/2/2009)
Chronicles of Amber (12/2/2009)
Devil's Rose (12/3/2009)
The Eyes of God (12/2/2009)
Fire Warrior (12/2/2009)
Game of Thrones (Series) (12/2/2009)
Gibraltar Earth (Series) (12/2/2009)
God's Demon (12/2/2009) Cleared 1/3/2010
Gone Tomorrow (12/2/2009)  Cleared 1/7/2010
The Ladies of Grace Adieu (12/2/2009)
The Last Wish (12/3/2009)
Last Shot (12/2/2009)
Matthias Thulmann: Witch Hunter (12/2/2009)
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (12/2/2009)
Neuromancer (12/2/2009)
Night Watch (12/2/2009)
Nothing to Lose (12/2/2009)
The Protector (12/2/2009)
Temple (12/2/2009)

Books (Non-Fiction)
Beyond Band of Brothers (12/2/2009)
Citizen Soldiers (12/2/2009)
Infidel (12/2/2009)
Life After Death: The Evidence (12/2/2009)
The Long Walk (12/2/2009)
The Sociopath Next Door (12/3/2009)
What's so Great About America? (12/2/2009)
What's so Great About Christianity? (12/2/2009)
What Would Google Do? (12/2/2009)

28 Weeks Later (12/2/2009)
Alien (12/2/2009)
Children of Men (12/2/2009)
The Condemned (12/2/2009)
Dead Space: Downfall (12/18/2009) Cleared 12/18/2009
Defiance (12/2/2009)
Dune (12/2/2009) Cleared 12/22/2009
Eden Log (12/2/2009)
Event Horizon (12/2/2009)
Law Abiding Citizen (12/2/2009)
Live Free or Die Hard (12/2/2009)
Mutant Chronicles (12/18/2009)
Pale Rider (12/2/2009)
Pan's Labyrinth (12/2/2009)
Pulp Fiction (12/2/2009) Cleared 12/5/2009
Quantum of Solace (12/2/2009)
Righteous Kill (12/2/2009) Cleared 12/17/2009
RocknRolla (12/2/2009)
Seraphim Falls (12/2/2009)
Smokin' Aces (12/2/2009)
Stardust (12/2/2009)
Street Kings (12/2/2009)
Taking Chance (12/2/2009)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (12/2/2009)

TV Seasons
The IT crowd (12/2/2009) Cleared 12/6/2009
John Adams (12/2/2009)
La Femme Nikita, Season 1 Cleared 3/1/2010
La Femme Nikita, Season 2 Cleared 3/8/2010
La Femme Nikita, Season 3
La Femme Nikita, Season 4
La Femme Nikita, Season 5
The Shield: Season 7 (12/2/2009)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is a long list. Good luck.

    For Alpha Centauri, you can beat it in one to three sittings, as long as those are four hour sittings.

    Here are a couple of tips for it:

    Play as Santiago, the Spartans their military power really helps in the long run.

    In order to save yourself from endless nagging, you need to eliminate the Hive, the Believers and the Gians, in that order. These factions are probably the worst when it comes to asking for resources, and trying to strong arm you into giving them tech. And will likely attack you within a few turns.

    Brother Lal likes to get close, in term of territory, if you’re his pact-brother, and I mean very close.

    When all else fails, planet busters work well, but you need a lot to cripple everyone else.

    Yeah, I like Alpha Centauri a lot.