Monday, February 1, 2010

Addition and Elimination: Mass Effect 2

Cleared: Saturday, 1/30/2010 at around 11:30pm
Verdict: Blown away

So, uh, I know this site kinda went dark for a while. There was a reason for that: Mass Effect 2. I spent a bunch of time feverishly playing through Mass Effect 1 so I'd have a savegame I liked to import and then spent the last week playing through Mass Effect 2. It may have been the best PC game I have ever played, period. The gameplay was tightened up significantly from the first (which was still a great game) the story was absolutely jaw-dropping top-notch, and the weight of choices from game 1 carrying through was fantastic. I cannot recommend the game highly enough, but I also recommend that you play through Mass Effect 1 first and get a savegame with choices you're prepared to live with. It's an amazing experience, and the only game I've ever seen to use quicktime events in a way I genuinely liked. I'll probably expand this post later, but if you trust my opinion at all, this is one to get.

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