Monday, April 25, 2011

Cleared: Hinterland

I bought Hinterland a while back during the flood of deep discounts Steam had running for the holidays. It's an interesting mix of Diablo and Sim City. You start out the game with a character that can be one of roughly a gazillion different types and have the mission of taming, well, a Hinterland. The game revolves around recruiting people to your town and fighting monsters, and it blends these two elements in fun and interesting ways. It's also not very expensive, even at full price, which is definitely a plus. I would recommend this game. It's not going to keep you busy for years, but it has a nice, casual pick-up-and-play element to it that makes it great for a few hours of time killing. As a further added bonus, the system requirements aren't particularly high and it can be run in a window, and a fairly small one at that.

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