Monday, April 4, 2011

Cleared: 9

The tagline for 9 is "When our world ended, their mission began," but it wasn't really our world that this post-apocalyptic tale is set in a wrecked version of. The setting is somewhat reminiscent of Fallout in its retro sci-fi feel, only the world seems to be derived from an endless 30s or 40s (or maybe even earlier) than 50s. And then there's a splash of the supernatural, or at least super-weird. The movie was quite well-executed and very atmospheric. The animation was of excellent quality, and there were a lot of cool little touches with various salvaged objects and so forth. I enjoyed it a lot, and also think it, or something heavily inspired by it, would make for an excellent tabletop RPG setting. I'd recommend this one, and I may be purchasing a copy at some point. I'd like to watch it again. (In other news, it's good to get some colors other than red, white, and black in the image of the cleared item...)

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