Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Progress: Chuck

I started watching Chuck, Season 1 shortly after it was recommended to me by Mindtakerr (whose own backlog blog you can find linked off of mine). I am currently three episodes in, and I have to say, it has been "just the thing" so far. I was expecting something a lot cheesier than what I got, frankly. Based on some trailers and descriptions, I was expecting Chuck to be a guy who was a loser/slacker, his sister to be a "cool kid" and very haughty and mean to him, and Sarah (the female spy) to be a cold-blooded yet seductive ice queen who hated Chuck but took care of him out of a sense of duty. NONE of that has proven to be the case. Chuck is portrayed not as a loser, but as a tragic case. His sister loves him dearly and is exceedingly kind to him. Her boyfriend, while a somewhat stereotypical jock, is also kind to him. Sarah, while a very formidable and dangerous spy, is most definitely not an icy bitch. And the show is better for all of these things.

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